Tim McGraw’s New Album Out


Tim McGraw’s new album Southern Voice hit stores Oct. 20. His 10th with producer Byron Gallimore, the album was three years in the making. McGraw tells Reuters that it was an exceptionally long time to go without a new release:

“I was still in my 30s (when the album was recorded),” McGraw says. “It was a whole other decade for me.”

He recorded once again with his road band, the Dancehall Doctors. “I feel like it’s a great collection of songs, and sonically I think the band sounds really great,” McGraw says. “I think it has a real grounded earthiness to it.”

Even so, McGraw says it’s difficult to wait so long to release a record, “because you’re so excited about music when you first do it and it’s new,” he admits. “Now I’m getting ready to go into the studio here in a month and start the next album, so I’m onto other songs now. But the great thing is I’m excited about people finally hearing this record.”

McGraw blamed the delay on Curb Records. He has one more contractually obligated album owed to the label, and in the time between new releases the company has shoveled out four greatest-hits collections of his work. “It has to be just as confusing to the fans as it is to me,” he said.

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